Get Heavy Duty Casters Wheels Now

So you are all geared up to make a dollie and require casters and wheels. But then, that doesn’t mean that you’ll go ahead and grab just any set of casters and wheels that comes your way. Before making a decision make sure to figure out the specifics as to what the dollie will be essentially used for. There are many factors to take into account. Number one; don’t think that any caster will hold up what you’re going to be moving. For best results you can bank on heavy duty casters wheels.

Why Heavy Duty Caster Wheels are Need of the Hour?

Things can turn for the worse when you decide to go economical or get lazy and not do your research properly. Moving everything starting from light keyboards with fastened stands to church organs to nine foot grand pianos you need to be prepared for the environments you’ll be working in. You find out quickly how expensive it may be when you abandon to do your homework or just go inexpensive.

Two important questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing casters would be…

  1. What is your purpose of using it? Yes, we know that it is for moving, but then for moving what? Are they chiefly heavy items?
  1. What is the environment you’ll be mostly using it in? Will it be used outside as much as inside, on tile, or on carpet?

With innumerable wheel/caster choices available, it may be quite the challenge to make a range for your application. Let’s cover some of the significant steps before buying caster wheels for your application.

First and foremost you need to consider Caster Capacity. The caster capacity is the overall weight an individual caster may support. For figuring which caster capacity best suits your application you need to follow this equation… Make sure to divide the complete weight of the maximum load you need the casters for by the total casters you are going to attach to the dollie. Now select the caster with a caster capacity greater than or equal to your result.

The Unique Guidelines to Consider

There are guidelines to follow regarding kinds of casters and floor surface ratings, which should be taken into account.

Asphalt: Rubber, Polyurethane and Semi to Full Pneumatics are outstanding, Phenolic (moulded plastic) and Polyolefin are light, and Iron or Semi-Steel are not suggested for use on asphalt.

Concrete: Rubber, Polyurethane and Semi to Full Pneumatics are brilliant, Phenolic (moulded plastic) and Polyolefin are remarkable for use, and Iron or Semi-Steel are a good choice.

Tile: Rubber, Polyurethane and Semi to Full Pneumatics are exceptional, Phenolic (moulded plastic) and Polyolefin are light, and Iron or Semi-Steel should not be opted for.

When looking for caster wheels for your new dollie or cart or in case you are in need of replacements, we promise to offer you a wide variety available for purchase. From wet or mordant environments or light and medium duty casters, you will find the casters and wheels for your application here.